Pop-Up Distribution & Service Centers For Fleets

CurbTrac is a Philadelphia based technology company founded by leaders in the mobility payment vertical that creates innovative solutions for the parking and mobility industries. Our leading product, a centralized parking payment database, provides municipalities, universities, and private parking operators with a fully-integrated, multi-app payment system. The Clean Driver Program is CurbTrac’s latest product, which leverages its flexible software and vast network of partnerships across the US to quickly scale customized solutions providing COVID-19 safety measures for Transportation Network Companies (TNC) and other large fleets.


Who We Service

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PPE Supply

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The Services

PPE Distribution

Shipping individual packages of gloves, masks and sanitizer to your employees across the country is a difficult and expensive endeavor.  Our vast, nationwide network provides us with the capability to open pop-up distribution centers in a matter of days. Ship us the items in bulk. We will package them on-site and get them into your drivers hands quickly and safely!

We also can source PPE products directly from our supplier on your behalf.


Vehicle Disinfection

Disinfecting the vehicles in your fleet will have an immediate impact on the safety of the driver and passengers. The correct methodology for this level of disinfection involves two separate, but equally important preventative measures. The first is an initial cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle completed with direct spray or fogging to ensure complete coating and saturation of the surfaces. The second step involves applying an anti-microbial coating that will continue to protect the vehicle long after the disinfectant dries. Allow us to coordinate the cleaning of your fleet at our network of pop-up locations across the U.S.

The Process


The Clean Driver Program enables your staff to get PPE kits to your drivers, while at the same time sanitizing your fleet of vehicles. Our team is here to help you coordinate bulk drop offs, provide access to an online driver reservation platform, and coordinate distribution.

Our team is experienced in planning these complex situations, which is why we expect cost savings of over 70% compared to shipping individual drivers their PPE kits


Our partnership with a local parking operator experienced working with large fleets of vehicles moving through a single entry point provides us with the confidence that your PPE Service Distribution Center will run smoothly.

Drivers that are approved to receive PPE kits will be sent to a reservation website to schedule their appointment. They will pick a 30-minute window and receive a barcode in their confirmation email. Upon arrival, their barcode will be scanned to verify their approval, and that they have not used that barcode previously.

Our staff then provides the PPE kit to the driver and the driver is back on the road to provide a critical service.

All this is done with no human to human contact.


CurbTrac’s intuitive reporting portal allows us to report to partners the number of appointments, how many drivers came through the service center and other metrics about the distribution.

This also allows us to manage multiple fleets processed through the same distribution center. The more fleets that enter the program the more cost effective the labor is.

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